Product Photography

4-17PetWinery-2972-12384-17PetWinery-2972-1238Product photography by A Style Photography

My cats love modeling with new pet products especially when they get lots of treats.  They have modeled with cat scratching boxes, kitty litter scoops, cat toys, cat wine, KitTEA, cat pillows, pet hats, and many more cat products. 

7-16Petscatch157-16Petscatch15cat product photography by A Style Photography

I have 6 cats that I have rescued into my heart and home.  They have become my favorite models.

My cats are always on the lookout for the mail delivery service to bring them their next fun toy or cat treat.

(Plus they like new cardboard boxes)

4-17PetWinery-0755-12294-17PetWinery-0755-1229KitTEA - tea for cats - product photography by A Style Photography


Don't have a pet product?

That's okay.  I'll photograph most products.  What type of product do you have?

I've photographed beauty products, socks, gloves, key chains, fidget spinners, jewelry, artwork, cameras, wall decor, mermaid statues, nautical items, and lots more.

8-17ZLuxSkineCare-6633-48968-17ZLuxSkineCare-6633-4896Beauty Product Photography featuring natural soaps and body scrubs


4-17GlobeImports-1998-4044-17GlobeImports-1998-404Product Photography by A StylePhotography 4-17GlobeImports-2185-7224-17GlobeImports-2185-722Product photography by A Style Photography  

A Style Photography offers product photography on a white background or with props and backgrounds.

A few of the backgrounds that I have include: white, black, green, purplish-blue, grass, clouds, water, wood, brown, pink and more.  A Style Photography also has lots of fun props such as a wooden boat, wagon, feathers, flowers, wicker chest, wine glasses, holiday themed props and more.  I have so many props that I just had to buy another shelf to hold all the props.  I am always looking out for new props to add to my collection.  I can also use my hand as a prop using the product.

3-16-97693-16-9769product photography by A Style Photography

Stop Action Photography

I enjoy creating stop action motion photos of liquids being poured such as Kit-TEA, dog beer, dog food, kitty litter, and lots more.

4-17PetWinery-2956-12324-17PetWinery-2956-1232Kit-TEA product photography of tea liquid pouring   4-17PetWinery-29484-17PetWinery-2948Cat Wine pouring - pet product photography by A Style Photography

Outdoor Product Photography

A Style Photography can also photograph products outdoors year round in sunny Florida.

5-17Bentley-9642-20895-17Bentley-9642-2089Pet Product Beach Photography session by A Style Photography

Dog Product Photography

A Style photography also photographs dog products with dog models.

5-17AidanAliJoy-7515-14685-17AidanAliJoy-7515-1468Dog Product Photography by A Style Photography

Food Product Photography

I enjoy photographing food especially when I get to eat the delicious samples afterwards.

8-18SuburbanStreet4248-12268-18SuburbanStreet4248-1226Food Product Photography 9-18YoMamas5892-20599-18YoMamas5892-2059Food Photography

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If you have a product that you would like photographed please email [email protected]