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April 24, 2018  •  6 Comments

Help Kylee the rescue Miniature Schnauzer Defeat Cushings!

The Story

This is Kylee, the remarkable 10-year old Miniature Schnauzer who survived the first two years of her life on a dirty puppy mill in Missouri.  She doesn't do outlandish tricks or anything super special, but she is super special to me. She is my life. She was rescued in 2010, but life has not been easy for her.  

4-18Kylee-22504-18Kylee-2250Kylee's Pet Photo shoot in Orlando, FL

For most of her life, she has been very timid and scared of almost all humans. We don't know what happened at the puppy mill, but we can imagine. To this day, she runs if someone raises their voice and she is not inclined to be a trusting dog, much to the chagrin of my friends.

Kylee was so scared as a result of the puppy mill that we attended Nose work classes and competitions in Florida to try and build up her confidence. It worked. Kylee's confidence and zest for life soared, but now she needs your help.

11-15Kylee0363-411-15Kylee0363-4Kylee's Pet Photo shoot in Orlando, FL

Kylee's health has greatly deteriorated during the past year. It began with protein in her urine.  Since that time and after many tests, veterinary visits, and many medications and holistic supplements; the prognosis includes a grade 5 heart murmur, a mildly-enlarged heart, an enlarged liver, an inflamed gall bladder and spleen, and hypothyroidism. 

The wonderful vets and staff at Florida Wild in Deland say that she has Cushing's Disease.  Cushing's disease increases the release of cortisol in the body and wreaks havoc with most of the organs. Some symptoms of Cushing's are greatly-increased thirst and urination, but Kylee is also experience great difficulty breathing because of her distended belly (enlarged liver).

4-18Kylee-21774-18Kylee-2177Kylee's Pet Photo shoot in Orlando, FL   11-15Kylee0322-511-15Kylee0322-5Kylee's Pet Photo shoot in Orlando, FL

Cushing's Disease has no cure and does eventually take its victim, but there have been great breakthroughs with removing the cause of the disease: the tumor from either adrenal glands or the pituitary gland. 

I have exhausted all of my savings and credit in dealing with Kylee's health issues so far, but I just cannot give up and let this disease win.  If surgery can remove the cause of this problem and let her compete in in her beloved Nose work competitions again as well as let her regain her love of life, I have to try everything I can to get her that surgery. This is why I am asking for your help. I have never asked anyone for help like this before, so the situation is dire without your help.  

4-18Kylee-21774-18Kylee-2177Kylee's Pet Photo shoot in Orlando, FL 4-18Kylee-21524-18Kylee-2152Kylee's Pet Photo shoot in Orlando, FL

For Kylee to have the surgery, if she is deemed to be a candidate, the bills will probably accrue up to $10K. I lie awake at nights worrying about how to deal with this. I am glad, however, that we have great vets and great facilities like the University of Florida and Florida Wild nearby.

Kylee and I are forever grateful, and we thank you.


Help Kylee by donating HERE

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Kylee will Receive 20% to help with her surgery 


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Kylee is so adorable. I am a true animal lover and I hope she gets the help she needs!
Angela Murray(non-registered)
Cushings is a rough one. I take care of two horses with it and we've had a lot of luck with low starch diets and medication. There are also some natural alternatives that can help. Not sure about dogs, but we never considered surgery for the horses and they're doing great so far! Maybe look into some other treatments and diet changes until you can save up?
Thank you for so much for educating on Cushings disease. I pray you find the help you need. She is adorable! Great job at being a fur baby Momma and for writing a great post!
I have a mini-schnauzer too! Yours is so adorable. I hope you raise a lot of money to help with her treatment.
Gel mares(non-registered)
Thank you so much for educating people on cushings disease. I’ve seen so often at work and by the time owners come in, we’re only able to keep the pup comfortable for the inevitable. It’s so sad and I think owners should definitely be more aware of the symptoms and the happy pups that are affected. I am definitely donating! Prayers sent kaylee’s way!
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