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                         Orlando Meet n GreetOrlando Meet n GreetOrlando Meet n Greet                                                   St. Augustine LighthouseSt. Augustine LighthouseSt. Augustine Lighthouse                                

         Orlando Meet n Greet                         St. Augustine Lighthouse           

4-17Aries-43944-17Aries-4394Cute dog portrait by A Style Photography                               3-17Moon-0148-23-17Moon-0148-2The Moon photograph by A Style Photography

SPI Photo Conference                                           The Moon              

3-16LukasNursery7836square3-16LukasNursery7836squareLukas Nursery Butterfly                            12-16Christmas454312-16Christmas4543Christmas light photography     

Lukas Nursery                                        Light up Central Lake

12-16Ice470212-16Ice4702Ice 2016                                         DSC_3586DSC_3586Ice photography

Ice 2016                                                             Ice

9-161682389-16168238Florida Lighthouse photos by A Style Photography                                       7-16BarnettPark36157-16BarnettPark3615Barnett Park

Florida Lighthouses            Hollis Gardens & Barnett Family Park

1-16BrevardZoo_4229b1-16BrevardZoo_4229bBrevard Zoo                                      5-16SeaLife07975-16SeaLife0797Sea Life

Brevard Zoo                                               Sea Life         

5-16OldSugarMill0327-25-16OldSugarMill0327-2Old Sugar Mill                                                       5-16Kanapaha05025-16Kanapaha0502Kanapaha

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill                                       Kanapaha